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The Nets' offensive explosion has been steadily building, with 10 of their past 11 games featuring at least 110 points. But they've also been, to put it kindly, mediocre on the defensive end. The Thunder, who entered the game last in offensive efficiency, still put up 125 points while shooting 46.5% from the floor.Denver Nuggets


As for who Forsberg's top target was? He noted Harrison Barnes as a potential player that he would consider trading for.Cleveland Cavaliers

The best response to the old guard came from Mitchell, who handled O’Neal’s awkward interview with aplomb and responded by extending the Jazz win streak to 10, pushing their record to an NBA-best 14-4.

By quarter, the Nets scored 36, 40, 39 and 32, building an early lead and consistently scoring throughout the game. They shot 57% from the field, made 19 3-pointers and had 33 team assists.New Orleans Pelicans

Defending the 3-point line has been an issue for the Bucks dating back to last season.


Murray has been a big part of that. Through 16 games, he’s averaging a career high 19.3 points per game. The Nuggets are currently 10-7, and sit in fourth place in the Western Conference.Indiana Pacers

The NBA has seen numerous games postponed this season and now they are making some changes that will help get those games rescheduled.
Nba Face Mask Price

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