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Devil's Due

Post by Pneuma001 » April 29th, 2016, 9:35 pm

Adventures of the Devil's Due, Misc Starfarer fuel platform.

Captain's Log Stardate 25160422

Been cruising through outer Helios space today near the gas giant Helios 3. We drive a Starfarer out here and it is rumored that many Starfarer captains are attacked on sight by the pirates and aren't even given a chance to negotiate for their lives. If this keeps up then the price of fuel out here will skyrocket; I've already seen the price of fuel rise after the last few attacks. This is a dangerous part of space to fly.

We came across a group of these pirates today. It was a nasty bunch, but that nearly sums up the lot of them so its not saying much. We filled their tanks and gave them a good deal on the fuel despite the rising prices in the area. After we filled up the fleet these guys had a bit of scrap to sell: some small art pieces and a pile of shield equipment parts and boosters. They also had a mostly-intact wing-mounted blaster with most of a hornet wing attached. It looked like it might've been off of a police cruiser. The blaster could be re-sold with a coat of paint and some new registration numbers but I'd have to talk to my guy to get those numbers. The wing itself had so many identifying signatures on it that we'd likely have to melt the whole thing to even sell it as scrap metal. I might just chuck it into Helios 3 and let the planet eat it; its just not really worth the trouble to cart it back. I managed to haggle them down for the blaster since I'm basically being a fence but made sure to give them top dollar for the parts and art. I even gave them a few credits for the wing metal even though I might not even keep it. Gotta keep the pirates happy.

Captain's Log Stardate 25160423

Still in outer Helios space. Another Starfarer was attacked in the area a few hours ago. We heard the distress signal on the comms. It was over swiftly. Unmercifully. There must've been a whole lot of pirates to take down a Starfarer so fast. I wonder if those guys even had time to get men to their turrets. They probably went straight for the fuel tanks. We were barely able to lock onto the Starfarer's position with our scanners before the distress signal was cut short. I doubt there were survivors. Out here it would take far too long to get police assistance. Fuel prices were sure to rise after the swift brutality of this latest attack and I would both make a mint on it and might even be offered free escorts from the local authorities for a while.

Captain's Log Stardate 25160424

Came across the same group of pirates today that we saw two days ago. We filled their fuel tanks. Today's fill up was complementary; we want to be sure to be the Starfarer that they don't even think about attacking. They had scrap too. This time they were hauling the smaller bits and pieces of a broken Starfarer. There is no doubt in my mind that these are the guys that attacked the Starfarer yesterday. I'll have to make sure to stay on their good side.

There were a few mods and boosters. Surely there was far more out there but they had to be pretty selective with the tiny cargo capacity of a group of fighters. These parts were the creme of the crop. These guys apparently knew exactly what was worth the best coin; this was obviously not the first Starfarer that they'd attacked. I bought everything at top dollar. Well, top dollar for fenced goods that is. Some of these pieces would actually be nice upgrades to my own Starfarer and getting them this cheap was very nice.

I wished the pirates well and paid them the price that we'd agreed upon for taking down the competition.

Later on we met up with my friend in the Hull C who swooped in to scavenge the remaining salvage from the wrecked Starfarer. Its a good thing we were able to lock onto its position before the the distress signal cut out. He paid me the fee that we'd agreed upon which actually covered far more than I'd paid the pirates but with his sizable cargo capacity he was able to take all sorts of parts from the drifting hull of the Starfarer that the pirates had to leave behind. I saw that he had taken one mostly intact turret and one completely intact gun. I estimated that with those two parts he'd double the money he gave me. I found myself envious of his ability to haul away such huge parts. We topped off his fuel tanks and he made for the nearest star port where he could get busy laundering the scrap.

Our next stop should be to meet up with my contact who owns a Reclaimer. I sold him the coordinates of the battle the instant that it was over and he still owed me quite a pile of credits for the info. I bet he'll need some fuel too. I wonder if my pirate group could take a Reclaimer...

As I said before, this is a dangerous part of space to fly.

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