Diablo 3 will now be my full time job...

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Re: Diablo 3 will now be my full time job...

Post by moordare » August 15th, 2011, 11:17 pm

DarkCow wrote:SC2 is fine, other than thrusting in my face my general terribleness at online RTSing. [smilie=fie.gif]

Ditto. I don't know how it is I rocked so much at WC1 and WC2, I even had a hand in designing some of the most used puds...

But WC3 on, every 10 year old with razor gaming pad and a dirty mouth would be talking Jawa Poodoo to me as the destoryed me. I am undefeated in SC2 though, 2-0. I could tell I was going nowhere, I could not get a good build order to save my life, I never even finished the campaign.

My strat, build as many med sized units as I can in a big mass and just throw them at the Force Sensitive Sheep.

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Re: Diablo 3 will now be my full time job...

Post by LadyCelestine » August 18th, 2011, 7:27 pm

Prometheus 2.0 wrote:My issue with SC2, and other online RTS games is they turn into a twitchfest. In single player I like to take my time, set up a kickass defence, research my upgrades, expand, etc. In multi though if you do not have your ramps blocked off and three marines in queue by 47.9 seconds into the game... you a boned. Maybe turn based strat is where it be.

This is why I meet up with friends and we go us against the AI or FFA. Then we can play however we like and work on improving our skills without worrying about lame pwnage. But if I try to hop on Civ or TF2 you will see my noobness in all it's glory. :D

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Re: Diablo 3 will now be my full time job...

Post by LordRadev » August 31st, 2011, 2:13 am

Friend training is absolutely necessary to getting better at SC2, playing a round, particularly with the same faction, then discussing what each other did differently is very beneficial. At the rate things are progressing I don't think we will see Diablo 3 till the later half of 2013.
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