[SWTOR] Hundred Crusades

Looking to solicit the Servants of the Shrub Community or one of its Gaming Chapters for upcoming events, this is the place.
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[SWTOR] Hundred Crusades

Post by lostkangaroo » May 9th, 2012, 10:47 am

The Hundred Crusades is about to have its third event. This one will be very different from the last two, which were heavily planned out. This one will be a sandbox event. No referees. No set plan beyond the date, starting time, and premise of the event. We're gonna get together and go with the flow. Now here is the official event announcement...

"AA is taking the fight to OC in this sandbox event, Guerilla Thunder. AA forces will meet Thursday, May 10th. Dealer's Den Cantina, Old Galactic Market, Coruscant. 9pm Est. AA, use the IC /Acf chat if you need to communicate over long distance. (I.e. "I'm en route from Tatooine. ETA five minutes.") Once at the Cantina, AA will quickly discuss and decide what planet to attack and then immediatly move out. OC's defense plan is totally up to them."

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