Article for Torwars about Social Aspects in SWTOR

Looking to solicit the Servants of the Shrub Community or one of its Gaming Chapters for upcoming events, this is the place.
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Article for Torwars about Social Aspects in SWTOR

Post by lostkangaroo » April 14th, 2012, 8:59 am

I have been in contact with Torwars recently to discuss and add the input from our community with, specificly the perceived decline in "Social Elements." The last article "Open TOR Policy – Sufferin’ Sociables!"

There is definitively interest in this topic throughout the SWTOR community especially among communities such as ours where the social element is more desired in our play styles. This also ties in well with the quest to increase the chat functions across faction lines.

The goal that is being asked for is that of a Shrubbite to write an article to be considered for publication that details their perspective about the direction of SWTOR in regards to Social Elements good or bad.

If you prefer to remain anonymous simply send it to me through a PM.

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