Classical and Jaz Music

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Classical and Jaz Music

Post by vevielle » April 27th, 2013, 2:01 am

Hello my lovely friends,

As some of you may know, my father passed away within the past few years and I am finally getting around to going through his music collection. I am putting together a digital database of this epicness.... it fits in a 6 x 3 x 1 square instead of many cubic feet!

What that leaves me with is 2,904 CD's, most of which are in near perfect condition that take up a lot of space. I am perfectly fine donating them, or trading them in for pennies.... BUT I would much rather see them end up in a home of someone who enjoys and would appreciate having them. I would fear that they would gather dust in a library donation box or an warehouse.

For that reason, I am asking if any members of this wonderful community share a passion for classical/jazz music (or know someone who does) and would like to add to their own personal collection.

If you are interested, I do have a complete Excel database with the full list of all 2,904 CD's that I would happily give away at my cost for shipping and what not.

Please send me a PM if you would like the list.

Much love and hugs

<3 V
Vevielle Vienne - 50 Sage

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