SOS is Broadening its Horizons

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SOS is Broadening its Horizons

Post by lostkangaroo » May 1st, 2012, 11:18 am

The Servants of the Shrub High Council took under consideration changing a small but important detail associated with its management of game chapters, or more specifically the role played by Chapter Leaders.  The change which has been approved and is now in effect allows the Shrubbites to suggest new games where the Holy Shrub would float and spread for High Council blessing.  The game would then be listed as a new chapter and a Chapter "MMO" Leader installed.  This should in effect allow for game variations to be taken into affect primarily drawn along factional and in-game organizational lines. 

Previously our approach to game management has been to install a chapter leader to head an in-game chapter wherever it happened to be.  In the case of SWTOR that meant two factions = two guilds = two chapters.  In theory this plan is sound as all chapters are united within the Shrubbite Community free of all faction distinctions following only the holiest of Holy Floating Shrubs.  In reality based upon in-game features or the lack thereof a small but noticeable rift forms even among the most stubborn players as to the role of a neutral style organization within a forcibly separated game world. Lostkangaroo spoke about this in Shrub Voice, "The need for a smoother game centric approach to multi-factional game play has forced us to step back and revaluate the entire Chapter Structure." 

The outcome of this restructuring is great potential and possibly a rapid expansion of the Holy Shrubs influence.  Now Shrubbites who are board with a current main game can search for the next greatest MMO, make a proposal to the High Council for approval and represent the Shrubbite Communities interests within the selected MMO.  This should greatly help to alleviate the strains of which faction to join, methods of new member recruitment, and main specific strategic alliances of in-game organizations.
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